Wednesday, July 19, 2006

'Great Minds Think Alike' Dept.

I recently wrote in re the Hamdan decision:

All that's strictly necessary to know how wrongheaded and destructive of US security this decision is is to look at who is praising it: The New York Times; The Washington Post; the ACLU; CAIR, which wants to close Gitmo outright; The Nation; Human Rights Watch; Amnesty International.
Not exactly the people you'd want to have your back in an alley.

Shawn McElhinney (edited to correct misspell) writes to tell me that he recently coined a specific term for this form of reason in re the worst president of the second half of the 20th century¹ -- The Carter Corollary. Basically, if Jimmy Carter says it, it must be wrong. Well, yeah, stopped clocks and all, so not *must* in any strict sense. But close enough for government work.

With national security and the War on Islam Terrorism, we can call it the CAIR rule. If CAIR thinks it's a bad idea, we should do it.

[Victor mosies on over to the CAIR site to check for the last few days of press releases and bulletins, to determine that the Council on American Islamic Relations says ...]

● that US Muslims are angry at how US foreign policy is a puppet of Israel, designed to serve its interests.² Check.

● that its Canadian branch is pissed off that the hatemonger Franklin Graham is allowed to enter Canada.³ Check.

● that US Muslims plan a series of press conferences demanding that the US protect Arab civilians by imposing a cease-fire.⁴ Check.

Three for three. Looking like a good rule.

¹ All you need to know is this -- he is the only American president to have allowed the US to be invaded with impunity. I refer to the Embassy in Tehran, which, like every embassy worldwide under every international precedent, law and custom, is that country's sovereign territory. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Iran invaded the US. For some reason, the Islamists spent the next 20+ years under the assumption they could fuck with the US with impunity.

² Of course, in the Middle East, you're just as likely to hear that Israel is a pawn of the arrogant Great Satan, a Crusdar-state outpost. But never mind. We all know that cAir is an American organization with no connection to Middle Eastern Muslims. Which explains

³ When evangelical Christian terrorists start plotting to behead the prime minister, we'll talk. Until such time, any contemporary comparison between Christianity and Islam is obscene and a manifestation of dhimmi chic on the part of the (almost always nominally Christian) speaker.

⁴ Hezbollah and Hamas have both heard of the concept of "hudna," I believe.


I. Shawn McElhinney said...

It is McElhinney Victor, not McIlhenny. (Ther emay be a relation to the Avery Island crowd but until they cut me in on the "family business", I prefer the spelling taken when my ancestors came to America thankyou.)

Victor said...


Doo nut wine. Eye spilled yure monicker ackyoorately own seid off paige, were lynx arr.