Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When last I checked ...

Contrary to the statements of some, issues of war and peace are issues of prudential judgement. And while Mark may believe that the US invasion of Iraq was unjust on the basis of the Vatican and frequently castigates supporters of the war for ignoring its views, he seems to maintain something of a cognitive dissonance regarding other Vatican statements like this one when they happen to conflict with his view that the US should flee from Iraq and the sooner the better. Now as I said, war and peace are prudential judgements and I'm not so much criticizing him for exercising his in this case (though I would criticize his decision on other grounds) so much as I would note it in contrast concerning all of the self-righteous outrage that he continues to hurl against those who he claims dismiss and ridicule the Vatican for exercising their prudential judgement on the initial invasion.

Torture has, of course, been dealt with at nauseam both here and by others.

Now that said, what are you all standing around for? Go vote!

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