Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Now lying about himself

Shea's left hand says:
Because, of course, I've always been aware that our troops tortured people in the past, just as the good Professor notes.
Shea's right hand says:
By this means, you can even get lots of Christians to plead for "all of our supporters and affiliated churches to contact their elected representatives and let them know we support President Bush's efforts to update our methods of interrogating terrorist detainees."
Yessirree, what worked during our face off with the two greatest totalitarian systems in history no longer works. Treating prisoners humanely and refusing to adopt the methods of the KGB have suddenly been rendered out of date.
The second statement -- one plainly ignorant of history and/or made with the patella reflex -- is why people, including Professor Bainbridge, have mentioned our actual practices in rebuttal. But again, Shea can't hold a thought in his head for five seconds without trying to discern what the person is REALLY saying and what his agenda and what he's trying to justify.

Free word of advice: Read for content first.

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