Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visionary, total nutcase or unintentional comedian?

My cinephile friend Adam alerted me to this video of a campaign speech by a Japanese nihilist-anarchist candidate for governor of Tokyo. It is completely awesome. Both in the lyrics and in the music. To some extent, Adam's description reminded me of Tammy's campaign speech in the great 1999 movie ELECTION, which capped off the best scene in any movie that year.

But then it dawned on me what it really is -- this is Mark Shea as a Japanese political candidate. Endless hilarity ensues for those who click:

BTW: something being disgusting to look at is not an argument against it morally, nor an argument for it being "torture."


Roger H. said...

The similarities in rhetoric are eerie.

BTW, does that middle finger mean the same thing in Japanese as it does in English?

kathleen said...

I wonder, what is the Japanese equivalent of Randomly Capitalizing Words For The Bedazzlement Of Your Readers.

Anonymous said...

Donna said:

Perfect! For a variety of reasons, I haven't been able to spend much free time reading blogs the past year. I recently checked Shea's site and had no desire to linger. It's become the Catholic Daily Kos. Sad. I once enjoyed it, although I never thought Shea was any great political thinker. Of course, that must be because I delight in torture and revel in warmongering - just like my old acquaintance Victor Mortonstein.;-D

Anonymous said...

I once enjoyed it

Me, too.

I still think Mark's apologetics books are cool--crystal-clear, funny, well argued. They're perfect for people who aren't looking for deep, heavy, philosophical stuff---and that's most people.