Friday, June 29, 2007

On Ron Paul and prostitution ...

While I was unaware of St. Thomas Aquinas's views on the subject (and thanks to Blackadder for the link), I think that my criticism is still a valid one. As is clear to anyone who is even remotely familiar with how Mark treats other GOP political candidates, he has definite blinders where Ron Paul is concerned. For Mark, Fred Thompson doesn't care about abortion and there is no real difference between Giuliani and Romney on abortion (a point that indicates his attention span on the GOP race has been, shall we say, extremely limited), but when it comes to Ron Paul he will bend over backwards to accommodate the man's views rather than admit that he supports Paul because he believes that he is right on the issues Mark genuinely cares about, such as the war, torture, and abortion and because of that he will cut him a lot of slack on issues that he vehemently disagrees with him on such as libertarianism or his bizarre interpretations of the Constitution and US foreign policy.

Instead, Mark has refused to acknowledge any of the nuttiness that is inherent in a lot of Paul's (like any fringe candidate, such as Tancredo) views. Every time they are brought up, he generally accuses the questioner of bad faith or postulates a GOP conspiracy against Paul. It seems to be his standard MO for dealing with a subject that I don't believe that he is comfortable with (such as politics and foreign policy), as can be seen from his comparison of those who asserted that maybe, just maybe, he might be a tad deranged when it comes to Bush to the Ephesians who shouted down Paul and Barnabas. Mark clearly has his candidate, which is fine, were he not to go out of his way to denigrate those who don't deserve it (i.e. not Giuliani) in the name of the Catholic Church.

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