Monday, January 22, 2007

Funniest. Combox. Ever.

One person told me "it was like a Monty Python skit." It happened at Chez Shea early this afternoon, though he's now deleted it.¹ Now, thinks to the magic of Web Archive savings -- the entire thing is here.

Richard Comerford melts down into utter paranoia, accusing me of blogging anonymously and being part of the Washington ruling class ("an important player" no less) with ties to all sorts of nefarious deeds, demanding to know my "secreat identity," wondering who's funding this site and how my employer must be behind it all (plus the distasteful insinuations of being a for-show Catholic and being a Judas).

When pointed out that my identity is obvious (I'd like to think I'm fairly well-known in St. Blogs and I've never hidden who I am), he plays the "I'm just thick-headed" card. Though I suppose I should be glad for Christopher Blosser that he was "very helpful in lifting the veil part way off the face of the secret society over at the FOG Blog." I decided to have some fun. The ridiculous deserves ridicule.

The entire thread, sans Shea's deletions (marked thus by me; otherwise unchanged), should leave Comerford with no credibility as a sane person. For amusement purposes only. Kids ... no betting.

And one serious point. Another person goes on my to-be-ignored-on-principle list for his very insightful insinuation that Torq and I are Nazis (or to be precise, his stating aloud that it was a worthwhile hypothesis to consider).
¹ I'd be curious why Shea deleted it . Not whether it's defensible to do it -- of course it is. But why, exactly. I can think of several reasons why one might -- dislike of me (obviously not worth rehashing in itself; it's now simply a fact), fear of Comerford's lawsuit threats (as Josiah speculated), distaste for the pomo style of humor (understandable), embarrassment at having vouched for such a flake (as other speculated to me privately). In fact ... I'm laying down my arms, Mark, think of JOYEUX NOEL ... I'd appreciate it if you'd say why. If you post it here, and stick to that subject, I won't delete it and won't permit any follow-ups from anyone.


roger h. said...

It is rather bizarre/comical how Comerford couldn't figure out your full name Victor, seeing as how you pretty much disclose it in the e-mail link you provide in the sidebar.

Christopher Fotos said...


There's enough material in there for weeks.

Pauli said...

At first I thought that guy had to be joking yesterday. You've got to be pretty "cloak and dagger" to assume someone's not using their actual name if it's just Victor and not BugsBunny, MackTheKnife, J-Bond-007, etc.

He should get his own blog if for no other reason than so he'll realize how simple and free it is and how you don't have to be a member of the "American ruling class" to have a blog. Or 10 blogs, for that matter.

Donald R. McClarey said...

How clever of you Victor to disguise your blog identity by revealing it! Tricky these "ne-cons"!

Donald R. McClarey said...

No doubt the "o" in "neo-cons" from my last post failed to appear due to a plot by anonymous members of the American ruling class rather than because of my capricious typing skills.

paul zummo said...

Hiding in plain sight has always been a devious trick perpetrated by the neocons, and by neocons I mean, errr, New York "money men."

Diane said...

LOL--so now I know why "deigned" keeps turning into "designed" whenever I type it. A nefarious plot indeed!

kathleen said...

can't talk. still laughing.

Piraeus said...

I demand to know who the owner of the "Documents" blog is!!

Anonymous said...

I blame ... the Jooooooz

-- Borat

Christopher said...


Thank you for your kind reply.

I am a dummy. In the future I think that you should always use the following format in your posts.

Thank you for your kind reply.

I am a dummy.

God Bless.

This way you can actually take up 5 times the space while saying nothing more.

God Bless.

Christopher said...


Since Richard INSISTS he is a dummy, would it be out of line to respond to him with the follwing template...

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your dumb reply.

You are a dummy. Yada Yada

God Bless.

Yeah. Not charitable at all. Don't do it.

(Funny though...)

Mark said...

No big mystery. I found the thread to be unedifying and decided to get rid of it. I figured people would get the message when it went away and they did.

In fact, it worked so well I may try the same experiment on the Why Diane Kamer is a Spotless Victim of the Malevolent Rod Dreher and Is Most Certainly not Obsessed With Him and Besides Kathleen is Really a Lovely Person tangent that has been burning up another combox. Sometimes simply getting the message that all that stuff you are writing is immediately going to disappear encourages people to take it outside or to another venue.

Okay, resume bashing me. :)

Phillip said...

"No big mystery. I found the thread to be unedifying and decided to get rid of it. I figured people would get the message when it went away and they did."


I'm not sure that people necessarily figured it out. Usually when something like this happens you write a very long and frequently error filled post explaining why the person was wrong. Oh well, more double standards.

But I suspect if that's the case, a number of your posts will disappear. :)

Diane said...

Oooh, I'm a Spotless Victim. I feel so...Holy.

Mark, in the immortal words of...well, yourself..."get a life."

Sheesh. Pardon me for having the temerity to defend myself. I guess I shoulda knowed better. Next time: "Self-Criticism and Re-education."

Seamus, are you out there? You never answered me about Leave It to Psmith. :)

Diane said...

BTW, Mark: I loved the sophistical way in which you argued (at your site) that I have no right to complain about Rod's name-calling.


It's like Animal Farm. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than otther. Like, if they're journalists and stuff.