Friday, October 27, 2006

Regarding Mark labeling us as alleged Catholics, objective apologists for Satan, etc.

I would note the rhetorical similarity between these increasingly heated denunciations and the Islamic concept of branding one's enemies as takfir. I would also once again remind Mark of two quick points:

I. Mark Shea is not the Magisterium. If these types of determinations are going to be made, he is not going to be the one making them. I would also note that at no point during this situation have we ever called his own Catholicism, orthodoxy, or loyalty to the Magisterium into question. We disagree with his interpretation of Magisterial documents (and yes, it is his, see below) and do not believe that they say what he believes that they say. That is all.

II. This is extremely selective outrage, which to me is what makes it so hypocritical. There are numerous other prominent apologists that I have noted ad nauseam who also do not believe that the documents in question require the interpretation that he adopts. I have noted this time and time again and Mark has finally opted to engage two of them (Dave Armstrong and Christopher Blosser). He has done this in a far more respectful manner (which I appreciate, believe it or not) than he has either of us and given that I don't believe that there is much an objective difference between my own position and that of Armstrong's (correct me if I am wrong here) my only conclusion is that as far as Mark is concerned, all Catholic thinkers are equal but some are more equal than others.

Understand, I care remarkably little what Mark thinks of me or of Victor. My primary interest is in contesting what I believe to be an incorrect interpretation of Catholic teaching in this regard, particularly because I believe that Mark's view, if adopted in toto, contradicts the indefectability of the Church.

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