Thursday, October 26, 2006

Torture Pharisee™ become Episcopal Usurper™

There is only one phrase worth discussing in Shea's latest posturing as the Last Moral Man:

at the alleged Catholics of the Coalition

What the colorful does "alleged" mean?

How the colorful does Mark Shea know this?

Where the colorful does anyone get off saying this?

Who the colorful is "some guy named Mark Shea" to say this?

I will freely admit that I can be quite the asshole, but one thing I've never done¹ is question someone else's religious bona fides -- whether via the term CINO, "Cafeteria Catholic" or "alleged."

No comment is necessary, but I will note the following.

If anybody wishes to question my legitimacy of my presence in the Roman Catholic Church, there are persons competent to make that decision. One is Bishop Paul Loverde of Arlington. Initial contact information is here. Closer to "ground level," I also have a regular confessor and pastor, the contact information for whom I'd be happy to provide upon request (they are not public figures in quite the sense the bishop is).

If you are serious about any "allegedness" on my part and (think you) have evidence therein, they are the persons to handle this most grave matter. Until such time, such persons are beneath contempt and not worth acknowledgement, beyond two words. Shove. It.
¹ And please do consider that an invitation for Shea or anyone else interested to call me on this, either in terms of past or future statements. I think such behavior is beneath contempt.

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