Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm going to lay off for the next couple of days

It seems that Mark is admitting that his rhetoric is getting a tad out of hands on this issue and I accept his apology. While comments like this don't suggest to me that much is going to change (and I'm certainly not holding my breath), I'm content to wait and see what happens for now.


Christopher said...


Deny most everything.

Apologize for one accusation.

Take a few days off.

Is there any doubt that when Mark returns he will soon be as nasty as ever, but emboldened by the fact that he's apologized to everyone he ever insulted?

Andy Nowicki said...

I agree Christopher. What a crock! Prickly defensiveness masquarading as contrition-- the kind of behavior one comes to expect from the venerable Mr. Shea.

Roger H. said...

Shea's whole denial that he has referred to anyone as an apologist for Satan is such a load of crap. How many times has Shea expressly accused someone of being a torture apologist because that person is questioning the premise that torture is an intrinsic evil in the eyes of the Churh?