Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chutzpah ...

I know, I know, I'm trying to stay away from blogging about Mark during Lent, but I just had to note this one:
Given that you psychically declare me to be a paleocon ideologue even when I specifically tell you I'm not, I'd say, "Don't be so thin-skinned."

With all due respect, I think that claiming that Mark is a paleocon (and I would say creeping paleocon because I don't think that he fully understands the implications of many of his positions or those of his new-found allies) is more or less a statement of fact at this point. With the exception of a burning obsession about illegal immigration, he's pretty much there at this point. Or to put it another way, I would challenge Mark to name one area other illegal immigration where he disagrees with paleoconservativism as a substantive matter.

And as far as the comment about psychic determinations of one's true positions, it seems to me that Mark might want to keep in mind that what's good for the goose being good for the gander.

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