Friday, March 23, 2007

This was too good to keep in a combox

For those who think I'm too mean in calling The Big Liar that, Kathleen reminds us that it is one of his favorite rhetorical tropes to call others stupid. Latest example here:

"Faithful Conservative Catholics[TM] and Bible-Believing Evangelicals[TM] who cheerlead for the Right come hell or high water and endorse the crazy "Salvation through Leviathan by Any Means Necessary" ethos aren't simply sinning: they're stupid."

There's the continual inconvenient contrary fact ... oh, let's call it a lie, albeit one that does make sense to tiny totalitarian minds that think that everything is about One Thing ... that those of us who back "Leviathan" don't think it has jack-all to do with Salvation.

But being called stupid by someone with such a dearth of basic ABCs fact knowledge ("Dole was rammed down our throats by a few rich men"), so little grasp of what ideas mean or don't mean and do or do not fit together, so literacy-challenged from all that "just skimming," so completely cavalier and careless about accurately citing the views of others ... 'tis to laugh.

Even laughing aside ... I actually got a big guffaw about that "pop quiz" list of 10 things (which I'm guessing is some kind of attempt at rebuttal to this).

Here's another game we can play with the same list. And I suspect it even has the same answer.

Nine of the quotes** are actual quotations from real persons. One is the hostile paraphrase of a lying fantasist. Can you a) circle the lie and b) explain why it is a lie?

** Note ... this is The Big Liar's actual word in his own post. He's even selling his own fantasy paraphrases of others as "quotes." And mixing them in with real quotes. Lie #760347982710


paul zummo said...

Oh, I don't think I fly high enough into the radar to merit rebuttal. Though if it is, it shows he's just as clueless as MQA in deciphering what I was doing. The again, cluelessness and Mark Shea go hand in hand when the subject is politics.

Pauli said...

"....that those of us who back 'Leviathan' don't think it has jack-all to do with Salvation"