Friday, June 29, 2007

Given that he just criticized Josh Muravchik for not having any historical memory ...

It seems rather ironic to me that Mark declares Dick Cheney the worst vice president ever without considering among others, Aaron Burr. I would be very interested in hearing his explanation for how Cheney is worse than Burr.

And while this comment was made as a quip to this post, I actually think that the point is a good one. If you believe that terrorism is a law enforcement rather than military matter (it is in fact both), you had better be prepared to give the executive more power on the law enforcement side. The alternative is to go out and destroy the places that are producing terrorists, which given that the perp was connected to Dhiren Barot would suggest Pakistan as the likely point of origin. I'm game if Mark is, though I suspect that sending troops into Pakistan after we pull out of Iraq is about the last thing that he has on his mind.

Incidentally, the truly ironic thing is that while Mark doesn't recognize it, his latest position on Iran is currently identical to that of none other than Michael Ledeen. Mark might recognize as much if he read what Ledeen wrote about Iran instead of letting his views about the man be informed by the American Conservative.

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