Friday, June 08, 2007

One question that I tactfully avoided asking ...

Is Mark Shea willing to weigh in on whether or not those who favor the deportation of illegal immigrants (either in toto or on a case-by-case basis) are advocating an intrinsic evil? I know that immigration isn't exactly Mark's premier subject, but under the exact same exegesis and argumentation that he's used in the torture debate I don't see how he can argue otherwise and remain intellectually consistent. Then again, that hasn't been much of priority for him in the past on this issue, but it is worth pointing out.


Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

Mark actually (sortof) addresses the issue of deportation here and here.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple exegetical tool that's being forgotten: the actual practice of the Church. The Holy See undoubtedly does deport people, which means that deportation simpliciter was not categorized as intrinsically immoral. If you don't believe me, go to St. Peter's square with five hundred of your friends, sit down, and refuse to leave. If deportation simpliciter were intrinsically immoral, they'd have to let you stay forever regardless of sanitary and space concerns.

OTOH, the Holy See does not torture people. Not even Hans Kung.

Donald R. McClarey said...

"OTOH, the Holy See does not torture people. Not even Hans Kung."

Now. Things were quite different in prior times, and as recently as 1870. The Popes, along with most secular rulers of the times in which they ruled, did, on occasion, use judicial torture. Leaving aside the use of torture in the battle against heresy, I think this practice of Church would put paid to the notion that torture could be intrinsically evil on all occasions.

Anonymous said...

"Human-rights watch [i.e., Gay Brownshirts inc., but let's ignore that since their attacking Bush here and not the Pope] names 39 CIA ‘disappeared’ detainees

Children as young as seven.

Your tax dollars at work.

H/T Serges blog

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